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The Quick Haul Long is Tern’s newest electric cargo bike

A more affordable offering with space for two little passengers

The Quick Haul Long isn't just a bicycle. It is a family vehicle. PHOTO FROM TERN

While Tern is mostly known for its folding bicycles, the mobility company has products that are vying to be serious alternatives to the automobile, especially for city dwellers. One such example is the brand’s latest product, the Quick Haul Long.

The frame lock helps secure the bike when parking. PHOTOS FROM TERN

Just as how crossovers have a variety of segments to meet different needs, Tern has different models for its electric cargo bikes. The Quick Haul is the gateway to this whole family.

As you can guess from its name, the Quick Haul Long is a lengthier version of the entry-level model. Instead of carrying only one child, it can bring two (or even another adult).

The electric cargo bike weighs 29.3kg, with an aluminum frameset rated for a maximum gross vehicle weight of 190kg and a maximum load of 90kg on the rear rack. The proof of its durability can be found in its compliance with DIN 79010 German cargo bike standards.

A plethora of Tern’s accessories are available for hauling kids, a pet, groceries, or even a trailer. Despite its size, storing the Quick Haul Long isn’t a problem—even indoors—as the long-tail cargo bike can be parked upright.

Bosch is considered to be the number one supplier of electronics for pedal-assist bicycles. PHOTOS FROM TERN

The heart of any electric bicycle is the motor. The Quick Haul Long comes with a Bosch Cargo Line motor with 85Nm of torque and a top speed of up to 25km/h in Europe and 32km/h in the USA.

The pedal-assist system has four selectable levels, and the 400Wh Bosch PowerPack battery allows for a range as far as 85km. Basically, you won’t have difficulty pedaling the thing, even when loaded.

The bike rolls on 20-inch wheels with 2.35-inch-wide Schwalbe Pick-Up tires. Meanwhile, the Tektro groupset comprises a nine-speed drivetrain with an 11-42T cassette and hydraulic disc brakes. The adjustable cockpit allows people of different heights to share the same ride.

The Quick Long Haul can be parked vertically.
The cargo bike has provisions for towing a trailer.
Mounting and dismounting are easy with the low-sweep frame.
You can bring a plus one with the Quick Haul Long. PHOTOS FROM TERN

At $3,799 (P223,000), the Quick Haul Long is positioned as the more affordable two-passenger model. While it isn’t as loaded as the GSD, which starts at $4,499 (P264,000), it still retains the durable frame and proven Bosch motor that distinguish Tern’s electric cargo bikes. For reference, the Quick Haul starts at $2,499 (P146,000).

These prices are by no means cheap. But you have to remember that these products are designed for heavy-duty hauling. They can’t afford to skimp on safety—especially when riding with passengers onboard.

With its products, Tern wants to show that life is better with a bicycle. PHOTO FROM TERN

While there’s little chance that the Quick Haul Long will ever be brought here to the Philippines, the fact that Tern continues to pump out products like this is good news.

The demand for electric cargo bikes shows that they are becoming a more viable mobility solution in progressive countries.

After all, wouldn’t it be nice if you could do basic errands—such as grocery-shopping and fetching the kids—without having to worry about traffic, fuel, and parking?

Leandro Mangubat

Leandro is our staff writer. Although having a background in mechanical engineering, he enjoys photography and writing more.