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BMW and Naomi Campbell dress the XM in purple velvet

The Mystique Allure is one fashionable SUV

Is this the most fashionable BMW ever? PHOTO FROM BMW

High fashion can seem like a strange world, and even more so when you see what BMW just did. Under the slogan “High performance meets haute couture,” the Bavarians turned one of their XM super SUVs into a rolling fashion statement inspired by British supermodel Naomi Campbell.

Called the BMW XM Mystique Allure, this one-off artwork on wheels was unveiled at the 77th Cannes Film Festival in France, which the carmaker supports as the official automotive partner.

The most striking feature of it is without a doubt the paint job, if we can even call it that. The upper body is covered in ultramarine velvet, making it probably the first-ever Bimmer that you can cuddle. The lower half features matte paint with shimmering sequins for a glitzy effect.

The color is certainly eye-catching. PHOTOS FROM BMW

The interior continues the velvety theme and sees almost every surface covered in the material. Purple is the hue of choice here, apparently chosen as it’s the favorite of Campbell, who inspired this vehicle.

The British supermodel also posed next to the machine at Cannes, where the glamorous duo tried to steal the limelight away from the many other stars that attended the annual film festival.

In case the fabric-covered exterior and the purple saloon on the inside aren’t enough of a wow factor, the Mystique Allure has also been given a special soundtrack by Hans Zimmer, who already added his “iconic sounds” to other models like the BMW i7.

The firm claims this is the first time it has designed a car using materials from the high-fashion industry, which isn’t hard to believe. The market for furry cars is probably rather limited. Still, it’s nice to see something a bit unusual and playful from the Bavarians.

The XM Mystique Allure is furry inside and out. PHOTOS FROM BMW

And it’s nice to see that Naomi Campbell is still hitting the limelight as if time has no meaning for her. The fashion icon is 54 years old now, but you wouldn’t believe it when you see her posing in the media shots that BMW snapped in Cannes.

When she first appeared on the cover of the British fashion magazine Elle at the very start of her career in 1986, the E32 was just about going into series production. A lot has changed since then, but seemingly only with BMW, because the famous supermodel is looking just as fabulous now as she did back then.

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