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5 things that made 2024 Spanish Grand Prix worth watching

A predictable but worrying finish for Red Bull

Is it just us, or did the race feel shorter than usual? PHOTO FROM FORMULA 1

A triple-header is upon us as Formula 1 begins the three-consecutive race tradition, starting with the Spanish Grand Prix. Despite having two locals on the grid, many are paying more attention to a possible championship battle between Max Verstappen (Red Bull) and Lando Norris (McLaren).

Three laps later, reality kicked in. PHOTOS FROM FORMULA 1

1. Russells power move into Turn 1 was sublime. On the first lap, the top three are usually ahead of the pack in their own battle bubble. However, George Russell (Mercedes-AMG) came in hot after sweeping across Verstappen and Norris in the first corner like a snake. However, by the third lap, Max was right on George’s DRS tail and ultimately claimed the race lead.

Lewis is savoring his first post-race conference of 2024. PHOTOS FROM FORMULA 1

2. Its the return of “Get in there, Lewis!” After the close podium finish in Canada, everyone was even more surprised to see Lewis Hamilton (Mercedes-AMG) perform well in the qualifying and the main race. Proving to everyone that he still means business, the seven-time world champion started and finished in P3, not without any challenges in front of him (including Russell).

Carlos Sainz still couldn't catch a break in Catalunya. PHOTOS FROM FORMULA 1

3. The young Spaniard was still unlucky at home. Carlos Sainz (Ferrari) has yet to win on his home track and continues to do so. An unnecessary clash in Lap 3 with his teammate Charles Leclerc caused the Spanish driver to veer off Turn 2, and resulted in a frustrating lecture between the two Ferrari drivers after the race.

It wasn’t until Lap 19 that Sainz tussled with Lewis into the first turn, throwing off some debris in the process. Expecting a stewards’ inquiry to push through, the touch with his replacement for 2025 was considered a racing incident, ending in Carlos finishing in P6.

Lap 35 took everyone's breath away. PHOTOS FROM FORMULA 1

4. Lando was on fire reaching the top. “I think we need to go and get Max,” said Lando Norris in the early laps, knowing that his MCL38 could catch up with the current championship leader. Despite qualifying in P1, Lando lost two places amid George’s power move and a bit more after a trip to the pits.

Nevertheless, Norris easily caught up with Russell, especially having an amazing back-and-forth battle on Lap 35 and even beating him after a second stop on Lap 48.

Will these two have another 1-2 finish? PHOTOS FROM FORMULA 1 AND RED BULL RACING

5. Another Max domination in the books. What else can be said other than Max Verstappen winning the Spanish Grand Prix? Well, his engineer did show signs of worry over the radio after seeing Lando ditching the tire-saving strategy.

An eight-second gap turned into four then two, but the Dutchman stayed in front till the end. The Brit continued to finish in P2 with the fastest lap award, but was unsatisfied with his performance owing to the poor start—so much so that he didn’t execute his signature champagne celebration.

Let’s hope the action will pick up its pace at the Austrian Grand Prix on June 29 (9pm, Philippine time). Will McLaren be able to humiliate Red Bull on its home turf?

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