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The 1.5-liter Toyota Vios G is back…for now

This could be your last chance to get the 4th-generation model of the subcompact in this variant

The bigger-engined Vios is back, for now. PHOTO FROM TOYOTA

Remember when we shared that Toyota Motor Philippines had quietly axed the range-topping, 1.5-liter-engined Vios? A good week after, the Vios 1.5 G variant has surprisingly reappeared on the company’s website.

Why did the 1.5G variant go missing on Toyota’s website? SCREENSHOT FROM TOYOTA

Most of you are probably aware that the newer, DNGA-based fourth-generation Vios is already available in various ASEAN markets. And this move by TMP further fuels speculations that it might arrive in the country soon.

Does this mean that the new Vios will arrive soon in the country? PHOTOS FROM TOYOTA

But what does the return of the 1.5 G on the carmaker’s website mean? The simple answer is that TMP still has a few available units in its inventory. And that it intends to sell these remaining stocks to people who want them.

Surprise, surprise! The range-topping variant is back on Toyota’s website. SCREENSHOT FROM TOYOTA

The range-topping 1.5 G has a more powerful 1.5-liter naturally aspirated four-cylinder engine that makes 105hp and 140Nm of torque (8hp and 17Nm more than the other variants).

It also has four-wheel disc brakes compared to the rear drums on other lower trims.

G variants come with three-tier LED headlamps, LED line-guide DRLs, a piano-black front grille, turn signal repeaters on the side mirror, chrome door handles, and LED line guides on the taillamp cluster.

The range-topping variants come with bigger wheels and LED lighting. PHOTOS FROM TOYOTA

Inside, the G also gets niceties like leather-wrapped steering wheel and shift knob, a six-speaker audio system, auto climate control, and a digital video recorder.

It also comes with intelligent features such as smart entry, a push-start system, speed-sensing door locks, power-retracting side mirrors, and a follow-me-home light control system.

The G variants are more powerful, more feature-packed, and safer than the lower trims. PHOTOS FROM TOYOTA

It is also safer thanks to side/curtain airbags and an immobilizer. It is available in three finishes, but availability depends on the stocks left.

This might be your last chance to get the Vios G. PHOTO FROM TOYOTA

The Vios 1.5 G sells for P979,000 for the five-speed manual version, and P1,039,000 for one with a CVT. So, if you still dig this car and want it with all the bells and whistles, consider this as your last chance to snag one up.

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