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The Toyota GR Yaris Rally2 can go racing in 2024

The rally car’s homologation process has just been completed

Toyota will be increasing its presence in WRC with the GR Yaris Rally2. PHOTO FROM TOYOTA

Last year, Toyota dominated the World Rally Championship in savage fashion by winning both the drivers’ and constructors’ titles. The combination of Kalle Rovanperä and the GR Yaris Rally1 is clearly a match made for victories. Likely spurred on by these recent successes of its motorsport campaign, the Japanese automaker is evidently keen on expanding its rally program.

Because they don't have a hybrid system, Rally2 cars are less complex than Rally1 machines. PHOTO FROM TOYOTA

To that end, homologation proceedings for the GR Yaris Rally2 have recently been concluded, which allows it to compete in this year’s WRC season. Externally, this car looks more or less identical to its Rally1 counterpart. Both vehicles also sport turbocharged engines, all-wheel drive, and all the usual essential FIA-spec safety hardware.

But Rally2 cars do not have the hybrid systems found in Rally1. They also have lower power-to-weight ratios due to a smaller air restrictor, which is mandated by the FIA. Engineering-wise, Rally2 machines are much more closely related to their production versions compared to the purpose-built Rally1 class.

We're eager to see how Toyota's Rally2 car fares against the category's established entrants. PHOTO FROM TOYOTA

Unlike Rally1, Rally2 has a cost cap of roughly €200,000 (P12.1 million). This means Toyota will be facing off against more rivals and a larger variety of manufacturers. Four teams will be racing the GR Yaris Rally2, which will be making its competition debut at the Monte Carlo Rally on January 25-28.

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