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Reward your success with the Mazda CX-30

Because you deserve the best things the world has to offer

So, be honest: Is there a better-looking compact crossover on the market right now? We’ll wait. PHOTO FROM MAZDA

The modern world has become more challenging and competitive despite advancements in technology and personal conveniences. Amid this, women have stepped forward showcasing their sophistication, strengths and abilities to conquer the workplace. These empowered individuals know all too well that balancing hard work with the fruits of their labor is part of a fulfilled life.

And speaking of rewards, the trophies of success come in many forms. It could be accessorizing one’s look with a chic designer bag or a stylish pair of stilettos. It could even be a luxurious pampering session at a spa or a stress-free vacation on an exotic island.

However, there’s one reward that truly complements the mobile lifestyle of those who know what success demands and gives: the good old automobile. For the discerning person who understands the value of self-worth and beauty, the Mazda CX-30 compact crossover isn’t just any vehicle—it’s an extension of one’s self. A symbol of life’s achievements, if you will.

The car for those moving up the ladder of success—be it the corporate or the personal kind. PHOTOS FROM MAZDA

Whether it’s the start or the end of a hectic day, the CX-30 never ceases to inspire and move you with its next-generation Kodo design language. From the new triangular mesh-patterned front grille stretching out to the sleek headlamps and the broad shoulders, flowing all the way to the coupe-like rear, the CX-30 is a classic example of streamlined beauty. A look that is a timeless and tasteful reflection of those who possess it.

Confidence is synonymous with how the CX-30 projects itself on the road. From the office to the countryside, this crossover is ready for any adventure while enveloping occupants in fashionable comfort. It’s a vehicle that represents one’s dynamism and spirit to go beyond the mere typical.

Why use ride-sharing services when you can take control of a car like this? Do not miss the fun. PHOTOS FROM MAZDA

Those who understand that life is about the journey will certainly connect with the CX-30. Its meticulously crafted minimalist interior creates an attractive mobile environment. Mazda’s human-centric philosophy focuses on design that embraces the natural shape of the body, which in turn promotes a tireless experience even in heavy traffic or on long out-of-town drives.

Enriching the ride quality and the cabin feel even further is the impressive level of noise, vibration and harshness reduction. Meanwhile, Mazda Harmonic Acoustics serves exceptional, Zen-like audio pleasure to the car’s passengers. With all these elements combined, every drive turns into a sensuous escape from all the bustle of the urban jungle.

Those who understand that life is about the journey will certainly connect with the CX-30

Once positioned in the saddle, the driver is immediately greeted by a pleasingly visual and highly legible instrumentation display—like reading the hands and the markers of a fine timepiece. The buttons and the other controls convey masterful craftsmanship. Supple leather and premium materials seamlessly flow with a strong sense of unity, immediately capturing one’s consciousness.

Like sipping a freshly brewed espresso at a seaside café or just simply enjoying the view of the urban landscape from the office window, the CX-30 is easy to drive. It’s composed and responsive, thanks to a plethora of tech features like the G-Vectoring Control Plus and the i-Activ All-Wheel Drive. The vehicle easily becomes one with its rider.

You might not want to get out of the car with a cabin that looks this good. Damn, it’s smoking hot. PHOTOS FROM MAZDA

A successful lifestyle also deserves the best in security and safety. With Mazda’s i-Activsense, the CX-30 not only cocoons all those onboard in luxury, but it also provides the highest safety standards along with driver-assist features that deliver a deep sense of motoring peace. Free from unnecessary distractions, the CX-30 allows one to clearly focus on the things that matter.

Desire is an emotion that is never forced. It inspires us to go beyond our boundaries and provokes us to always be at our very best. And the Mazda CX-30 fuels that fire. A work of art on wheels worthy of anyone’s hard-earned achievements.

This branded article was produced in partnership with Mazda Philippines.