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IMI PH and Zero Motorcycles inaugurate local assembly line

Groundbreaking partnership aims to build 16,000 units per year by 2025

IMI and Zero Motorcycles have just opened the first high-performance e-motorcycle assembly line in the Philippines. PHOTO FROM US EMBASSY

Integrated Micro-Electronics (IMI) and Zero Motorcycles have inaugurated their assembly line in Laguna to formally begin production of electric motorcycles for export.

IMI is a top electronics manufacturing services company with headquarters in the Philippines, while Zero Motorcycles is a pioneer in high-performance electric motorcycles based in Santa Cruz, California.

Based on the partnership, IMI will supply units for delivery to Zero’s customers for export to European and Asian markets.

The assembly line is located inside the KAMMI plant in Laguna. PHOTO FROM IMI

IMI’s parent company is Ayala Corporation, which has also made great strides in the motorcycle industry with its KAMMI plant for KTM and Husqvarna production. The IMI-Zero assembly line is also located in the KAMMI plant, further maximizing its production capacity.

The partnership involves full assembly of motorcycles, including partial and modular assemblies to be finally completed by Zero manufacturing teams, along with the battery module and electronics. Certain components and parts will also be locally sourced by IMI. The partnership aims to produce 16,000 bikes annually by 2025.

Zero Motorcycles CEO Sam Paschel. PHOTO FROM IMI

The ribbon-cutting ceremony of the assembly line was led by IMI CEO Arthur Tan and Zero Motorcycles CEO Sam Paschel.

“The IMI team and the Ayala group have exceeded every expectation I could ever have as the CEO of a leading global EV company, and I am firmer in my convictions today that the decision we made about the Philippines—and more specifically IMI—was 100% the right decision for this brand at this moment of history,” said Paschel.

The FX dual-sport has a range of 144km and a top speed of 136km/h. PHOTO FROM ZERO MOTORCYCLES
The SR/S has a range of nearly 300km and a top speed just shy of 200km/h. PHOTO FROM ZERO MOTORCYCLES

Zero’s line of electric motorcycles includes both street and dual-sport categories, with good range and high performance touted across the line.

The FX dual-sport, for example, has a range of 144km and a top speed of 136km/h, while the SR/S sport bike has a range of 299km and a top speed of nearly 200km/h. Charging time is said to take less than two hours on a DC fast charger, or charging can be done overnight with a regular charger.

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